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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I know your pain

As I sit here and ponder the lack of support us parents that have had a child pass, I would like to get your babies special information. I would like to send you a card letting you know that I remember.

This is something I have always wanted. I just want everyone to remember my babies birthdays. If I can't have everyone, just 1 card makes me smile knowing that the babies are being thought about.

I want to do something special in memory of my babies Tred and Talya and this is a way that I can do this. I make cards and making them to send to other parents makes my heart warm.

Love from my heart


  1. My name is Sheri Anderson. My daughter's name is Abbigail Grace Anderson and she was born still on May 28, 2008. Her due date was July 9, 2008. My address is: 11732 Lone Tree Court, Columbia, MD 21044

    This is so thoughtful. And it is always nice when someone remembers.

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